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Latest Project: Sandringham CCC – Treatment Plant Overhaul

Kelmec engineers had been asked to survey a site for the Caravan and Camping Club where they were experiencing unpleasant odours coming from their onsite Sewage Treatment Plant. The engineers discovered that the diffusers in both Biozones were damaged due to lack of care and maintenance. This was not allowing aeration in all Biozone chambers causing odours. Kelmec carried out a complete overhaul on all manifolds, diffuser legs and valves. While onsite we completely cleaned out Primary Tanks, both Bio Zones and Final Effluent tanks. When starting the system again we added Bio Augmentation treatment to kick start bacteria growth. Please see before and after photos below (Attached):


Here at Kelmec, we have an outstanding relationship with ABS/Sulzer and Northumbrian Water, and therefore have completed numerous large industrial projects such as Briar Dene, Scotswood Road, Middleton Teesdale and many more.

Despite our prolific reputation in the industrial industry, we are not exclusively labelled or tied to these projects and are open to listening to all tasks regardless of their size. Our experienced and proficient team will devise solutions for any job big or small. Below are a few of the many examples Kelmec’s versatile team have implemented in domestic and commercial locations:

A self-built housing project failed inspection and needed advice on building regulations and pumping stations. After calling Kelmec, we surmised and offered a solution which provided the customer with additional pipework and a battery back-up system which complied with the demands of the inspection team.

A completed self-built house had a problem with 2-3m flooding of an external stairwell. Kelmec devised and installed a twin pump system into a new concrete sump at the base of the stairwell complete with control panel. Pipework was also set so that the water lifted and dispersed away to the rear of the property.

Before and After Photographs

Akenside Traders a 3-floored pub located on the very popular Newcastle Quayside, had a single booster pump system, which was previously not maintained by Kelmec and was breaking down regularly over the previous 10 year period. Kelmec engineers inspected the system and diagnosed that it was not ‘fit for purpose’. We then installed a twin booster pump system including new pipework, valves, pressure vessel and control panel. Eliminating the regular breakdowns.

Kelmec were called to Whitley Bay caravan park as they were problems having with the flooding of a maintenance yard, even a drizzle would cause the problem. Again, Kelmec engineers encounter a system not ‘fit for purpose’. We then devised a solution involving groundwork, and the installation of a new tank and twin pump pumping system.

Completed a full twin pump pumping station install at Heerema site in Hartlepool, working alongside Tomlinson Hall in design and supply, and installation of the complete project. Please see below for project photos:

Escucha nightclub in the centre of Nottingham is currently refurbishing the whole property from the name of the club to the foul pumping station in the basement. They approached Kelmec & Willow pumps to carry out the refurbishment and re-design of the foul pumping station in the basement. Please see below for photos of this project:

Escucha Before

Escucha After

Our experience is not just restricted to pumps and pumping stations, we currently have contracts with The Caravan and Camping Clubs around the country, from Sandringham to the Lake District. We have carried out refurbishment projects on sewage treatment plants at various sites around the country from pipework repair and replacement to blower upgrades / overhauls to complete cleanouts. Please see some photos below showing some projects: